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PLASTIC ALLIANCE was established at the end of 2012 with the ambitious task to create environmentally friendly production of polycarbonate products – profiles and thermal washers, which are necessary for the creation of a complete system for installation of cellular polycarbonate structures.

The company has new, high-tech equipment that allows the implementation of a completely waste-free technological process that does not emit any harmful substances into the environment.

Fast and quality production

Production line according to all European standards

Individual consulting according to customer requirements


Polycarbonate profiles have exceptional impact resistance, structural flexibility and rigidity, and are a highly transparent material. They have a wide temperature range – from -50 to +120 ° C, and these are qualities that are especially valuable in construction. Therefore, they are at the forefront when choosing a system for mounting transparent structures for outdoor installation compared to other polymeric materials. PLASTIC ALLIANCE manufactures all types of polycarbonate profiles required for the installation of cellular polycarbonate panels.

In addition, our technologies and modern equipment allow us to manufacture and offer our customers thermal washers that are used during the installation of polycarbonate panels, as well as for the installation of all kinds of advertising materials.
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Depending on the installation conditions, certain types of profiles are used:

End profiles

For closing polycarbonate panels

Profiles for ridges

For connecting boards at the ridge


For connecting two panels and their simultaneous attachment to the structure - connecting profiles

Wall profiles

For wall mounting of polycarbonate cellular panels

For our products

Products with the brand ECOLASTIC

All our products bear the ECOPLASTIC brand and are designed for the Bulgarian and European markets. We are the only Bulgarian manufacturer of polycarbonate profiles and washers. Our production base is located in the town of Balchik. Many new materials have become widespread in the last decade, one of which is polycarbonate. The unique optical and physico-mechanical properties of this polymer material allow its wide use in construction, lighting, medicine, aviation, advertising and other areas of human life.

Polycarbonate profiles and washers